Start a language school

The NSW Community Languages Schools Program can help you set up a community language school.

This takes time, energy and commitment, but benefits both your students and your community.

What is a community language school?

Community languages schools teach languages other than English. They are not-for-profit organisations run by the community. They help students learn and use their community language. They are also open to any student who wants to learn a community language. other than English. Any school-aged student is welcome to enrol (Kindergarten to Year 12). Classes are held outside school hours.
Setting up a community language school is a wonderful way to help young people understand their community language and culture and to help different generations communicate with each other.   

Steps to setting up a school

Follow these steps to setting up a community language school:
•   set up your organisation
•   find a venue
•   find teachers
•   enrol your students
•   prepare teaching materials.

Additional help

•    get advice from a program education officer
•    read the funding guidelines and find a grant for your school
•    understand the obligations of running a community language school.


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