Application process

All grant applications for the NSW Community Languages Schools Program must be made online through the department's website using an access code.

What is an access code?

The NSW Community Languages Schools Program issues an access code so you can log in to our system and lodge your application. If this is the first time you have applied for a grant through the program, you must provide us with copies of the following documents to get an access code.

Application document checklist

•    A copy of the certificate of incorporation as an association as a not-for-profit organisation with the Department of Fair Trading.
•    Names of members of your organisation's management committee. Your committee must have close links with your cultural community and operate according to the rules of the Incorporated Associations Act 2009.
•    A copy of your organisation's constitution or rules which show that the teaching of a language/s is one of its main objectives and that your organisation operates within the rules of the Incorporated Associations Act 2009. If your organisation intends to use the model constitution offered by the Department of Fair Trading, please ensure that you keep a copy of your incorporation application which shows the objective of the organisation.
•    A copy of your organisation's Australian Business Number (ABN). The organisation's legal entity name or trading name as it is registered under the ABN must be the name used to make applications to the program.
•    Copies of teacher accreditations or reference letters. Teachers should preferably have completed a formal teaching qualification in Australia or overseas (translations in English only accepted) or currently be enrolled in a Certificate in Language Teaching. You can also send letters of support from your management committee.
•    Certificate of currency for public liability insurance
•    Your bank account details
•    Parent consent forms for funding (Per-capita Grant only)

These documents should be posted to:
NSW Community Languages Schools Program
Locked Bag 53
Darlinghurst NSW 1300

Have you applied for a program grant in the past?

If your organisation has received funding in the past, you will already have an access code. It would look similar to this: ORCLP xxxx xxxx (where x represents a number).
Using this number, go to the site and make your application online.

Forgotten your access code?

If you have lost your access code, please check with your management committee or contact the program on 02 9244 5730 or by email:



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