Curriculum innovation

Teachers continually refresh their classroom practices to achieve the best learning outcomes for their students.

The following resources will help you monitor local and global developments in teaching that may affect the way students learn. You can also access information about teaching and learning materials to help you implement a teaching program that will meet the changing needs of your students.

Learning and Teaching Directorate

The Learning and Teaching Directorate focuses on educational innovation to improve curriculum delivery and student learning. You can access a rich range of professional learning through technology-enabled support to complement your language programs.

The Learning and Teaching Directorate also keeps teachers up to date with developments in the curriculum and in teaching methodology and helps to raise the profile of the NSW Community Languages Schools Program across NSW.

NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA)

A range of syllabuses and support materials are available at the NESA  website. These include syllabuses for teaching languages from K-12:

Assessment Resource Centre
The Assessment Resource Centre at the BOSTES NSW website supports teachers in assessing and reporting student achievement from Kindergarten to Year 12. Community languages schools teachers may find it helpful as a resource for teaching.


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