Courses and workshops

The NSW Community Languages Schools Program provides resources for individuals and organisations to help teachers deliver excellent learning experiences for their students.

Our program offers free or inexpensive courses and workshops to help train your staff and develop their professional skills. We can also help your teachers achieve accreditation. This will improve the standard and quality of your school.

For individuals

Certificate in Language Teaching
It is important for teachers to be trained whether they are paid or voluntary.

Each year the NSW Community Languages Schools Program contracts a higher education provider to conduct a Certificate in Language Teaching for teachers from community languages schools.

The course that is offered at a number of locations across Sydney as well as online.

We subsidise the Certificate in Language Teaching so your teachers can complete the course. It runs over one semester every year.

Teachers will:

  • gain a solid understanding of recent approaches to teaching and learning across the stages of schooling
  • develop an awareness of how first and second languages develop and can be taught
  • become familiar with intercultural language learning and understand the role of the community languages schools in developing bilingual and bicultural Australians
  • develop a realistic understanding of their students, their proficiencies, learning experiences and goals in the context of both their day and community languages schools
  • learn skills in how to design and evaluate programs and to assess students.

For organisations

Courses and workshops for your school

Program education officers offer a range of education and training activities either at your community language school or at an outside venue, together with other community languages schools.

Workshop topics include:

  • managing the classroom
  • improving spoken language
  • planning lessons
  • using language syllabuses
  • designing a unit of work
  • assessing and reporting student achievement
  • scope, sequence and programming
  • developing relationships with your host school
  • teaching mixed ages and abilities
  • improving students' reading and writing
  • using and teaching text types
  • using technology for lesson preparation.

Other topics can be organised to suit the needs of your community language school. Please contact the program education officer in your region if you would like to organise teacher education and training activities.


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