Our board

The NSW Community Languages Schools Board supports community languages schools.

The board advises the NSW Minister for Education to ensure that our community languages schools provide a high quality education. This includes providing quality teaching, curricula, programs as well as assessment and reporting of our students' achievements.

Board membership

Chair: Jozefa Sobski

Representatives of community organisations and agencies

Dr Lakshmi Satyanarayana 

NSW Federation of Community Language Schools
Ms Basia Pinkowski Hunter Parents' and Teachers' Association of Community Languages Schools
Prof Sandra Hale Multicultural NSW
Professor Ken Cruickshank University of Sydney
Ms Rosalie Nott Catholic Education Commission
Ms Mary Karras Ethnic Communities Council of NSW
Ms Yve Weinmann Federation of P&C Associations of NSW
Mr Albert Vella OAM Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Associations
Ms Su-Lien Chen Association of Illawarra Community Language Schools
Ms Christine Del Gallo Secondary Principals' Council
Mr Mark Hagan Primary Principals' Association

Representatives of government agencies

Dr Paul Wood Learning and Teaching Directorate, NSW Department of Education
Ms Cate Chapple Saturday School of Community Languages, NSW Department of Education
Ms Hilary Hughes NSW School of Languages
TBA NSW Educational Standards Authority
Ms Hanya Stefaniuk OAM Independent



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