About us

In NSW almost one third of school students have family ties to a community language other than English.

The department helps school students learn and use their own community language - and learn more about their culture - through the NSW Community Languages Schools Program. 

Community languages schools also help students who are preparing for the Higher School Certificate through the Outside Tutor Scheme and students who are learning a new language for the first time.

Every week more than 2,500 community languages school teachers prepare and present lessons in NSW outside normal school hours.

Community languages schools are supported by grants funded by the NSW government but are run by parents and community leaders.

Widespread benefits

Communities, families and students value the NSW Community Languages Schools Program. The program helps students learn and use another language and connects young Australians to the language, heritage and culture of their community.

It also helps build strong communities and it helps build respect in Australia for our many different cultures.


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