Public Service Medal

The Public Service Medal is a prestigious medal within the Australian Honours System designed to recognise Public Sector Officers who have made a contribution to the community through the outstanding performance of their duties.

NSW nominations for the Medal are made to the Premier, through the NSW Public Service Medal Committee which is administered by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Who can be nominated?

Public Sector employees of the Commonwealth Government, State and Territory governments and local governments are eligible to be nominated for the Medal.
Department employees who deserve recognition for outstanding performance of their duties can be nominated. The Medal is awarded for meritorious service. Long service alone is not a sufficient basis for nomination.
The medal is not confined to senior officers. It is available to any public sector employee. In the past has been awarded to administrative or clerical staff and employees involved in 'operational' roles. In all of these instances, "outstanding service" has been the definitive criteria for the Medal.

When do nominations close?

Nominations for the Public Service Medal are sought twice a year, in June for Australia Day and in November for Queen's Birthday.
Nominations for the Public Service Medal, for announcement on Australia Day 2017 should be forwarded to the Human Resources Directorate by Monday 20 June 2016.
Further information is available in the Information Package (pdf 316 KB).
The Nomination Form (docx 37 KB) must be signed by the nominator, referee statements signed and the completed nomination endorsed by the relevant Deputy Secretary, Executive Director, General Manager or Director.
Completed nominations are to be emailed to Please do not send the nomination directly to the NSW Department of Premiers and Cabinet.


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Further Information

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