Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award

Each year Microsoft Australia awards the Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award to acknowledge "exceptional visionary teachers who have introduced innovative technologies in imaginative ways into the curriculum to support students and improve future learning outcomes".

One individual winner from each state and territory is recognised each year through the Award. Winners present a poster session at a Regional Innovative Education Forum, and the national winner, selected from state winners is invited to attend the Worldwide Microsoft Innovative Teachers Conference.

Microsoft Australia presents prizes to each state Award recipient comprising:

  • payment of all costs to attend a national conference at an Australian location
  • a donation of software to the recipient's school to the value of $1500
  • payment of all costs including travel and accommodation to attend a Regional Innovative Education Forum at a South East Asian location.


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Further information

Contact person:

Jane Mackarell

Academic Programs Manager

Microsoft Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9870 2263