Aboriginal communities

Aboriginal communities can access services and information about employment in education and training, programs for career and business training and social wellbeing, and resources for young people and families.


NSW Government Plan for Aboriginal affairs

The plan was created through the Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs which brought together four Aboriginal leaders, seven government Ministers and senior government officials.

The plan is called OCHRE - Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility, Empowerment.  It includes reforms to support more Aboriginal students to stay at school and transition to work; builds local decision making skills in communities and ensures government and community are more accountable for how money is spent.

2010-2020 NSW DEC and NSW AECG Partnership Agreement 

The Partnership Agreement between the NSW Department of Education  (formerly the Department of Education and Communities) and the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. (NSW AECG) is based on the principles of respect, commitment, collaboration and accountability in order to improve educational and training outcomes for Aboriginal learners.

Aboriginal Education and Community Engagement

Our plan to ensure Aboriginal students succeed in their education, including information for parents, carers and community members.

Employing Aboriginal peoples

Valuing the unique skills, experience and knowledge Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander peoples have to offer, we encourage you to consider a career with us.


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