TAFE students

While you're learning at TAFE you have access to great student services. You can get careers advice, counselling and learning assistance and select from a range of tailored study resources.

Check out these links to make the most of your TAFE experience.

TaLE for TAFE students

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TAFE studentsHelp with learning

Maths not your strong point? Or is it your written communication that needs help? Check out the tutorials and other learner support.

Careers and counselling

Help with education, career development and study skills, or personal matters.


Access to a vast range of information resources and services through a network of more than 100 contemporary, well-resourced libraries.

Student associations

Dedicated to making campus life better, they vary from campus to campus. Check out your local activities and facilities.

Disability services

There are specialist staff to give students with disabilities equal access to training.

Multicultural services

A great range of help from interpretors, to English language skills course, tutorial support and examination advice.

Services for women

These include specially designed courses with flexibility, child care services and recognition of prior learning.

Services for indigenous students

Advice on courses, ABSTUDY financial assistance, help with numeracy and literacy, and literacy and numeracy programs.


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