Class subjects

Need to find some info for a class project, want to learn a hip hop routine or create a cool artwork? Here's the place to do it! With lots of info on all your class subjects, games, experiments and more, this is the place to be.


Art attack

Fantasy castles, angry guard dog, curved spoon drawings, plus lot more.

Make your very own art attack.


Maths dictionary - Stuck on a maths meaning? This bright colourful site has all the answers.
Cool maths
- makes maths fun
Protractor -  touch up on your protractor skills
Maths is fun - numbers, puzzles, measurement and more.

Human society and its environment

students planting

Indigenous Australia -  content with cred - written by Aboriginal people
Aboriginal culture
- facts on Aboriginal culture and lots more
Murray Darling Basin Authority - lots of info on the Murray Darling Basin |The Murray Darling Basin - find out about the Murray Darling Basin

Convicts and the British colonies in Australia
- who were the convicts?
Australia's rainforests
- find out about the climate in rainforests, flora and fauna and more
Outback Australia
- learn about Australia's deserts

Creative arts

Paint a poster - draw an online picture for everyone to see
Hoedown throwdown - learn the dance moves to Miley Cyrus's hoedown throwdown
Hip hop
- learn a hip hop routine

Personal development, health and physical education

Decision making - do you have trouble making decisions? Visit this site for help
Food and my body -
lots of info about different foods and your body
Country Fire Association
- learn how to be fire safety  
- info on lots or sports 


student looking through microscope

Australian backyard astronomy - all things astronomy
The five senses
- what are the five senses? Find out here
Living things -
learn about living things
Electric kids
- all the info you have ever wanted to know about electricity in an online book
Physics for kids
- find out how light and heat work

These sites have been chosen just for you. But you know how the web is. It's constantly changing, things are here one minute gone the next, and sometimes it's hard to know just how reliable the info really is. So make sure you check the web cred of these sites.


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