Your body and life

If you've noticed some pretty big changes in your body you're not alone. The changes we go through in our teen years can be exciting, confusing and a little weird. So it's important to look after your body.

Drag out your joggers, clean out that fridge and get healthy. Check out these websites to get the facts and find out the best ways to keep fit and healthy.

girl pointing to zit on her chin


Acne is gross…but we all get it! Learn more about what causes it, how to treat it and bust those acne myths once and for all…does chocolate really cause acne? Visit this site to find out.

Like it is

Sick of reading info that doesn't give you the whole picture?This site tells it like it is, with information on peer pressure, puberty, sex, sexuality and a whole lot more. If you want info with no frills, no judgment and no secrets this site is for you.

Your body

Student Edge My Body  - Dealing with acne and puberty, healthy eating and fitness
Teens health - For girls and guys - hot topics about your image, other people, social stuff
Teen health
-  A-Z search for body, mind, relationships, society, drugs and alcohol questions
- Puberty can be a confusing time…learn about what really happens
Youth health talk
- Real teens experiences about health and lifestyle issues
Teen health freak
- Alcohol to zits your one stop guide to being a teenager

Fit and healthy

Student life sports site  - Set yourself a challenge to try out a new sport!
Combined High School Sports Association
  - Knockout events, rules and results
Premiers Sporting Challenge
   Registering, getting started, activity awards
National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy -
Sponsorships and role models
School sport for students with disabilities
- Competitions and classifications
The Australian Institute of Sport
  - Offers 700 sponsorships each year



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