Taking charge

Get those creative juices flowing. It's time to use your powers for good - get cashed up, get some wheels and save the planet. If it's managing money or using your voice to making a difference, going green or dragging your parents into the 21st century, all the info is here. It's your world. Take charge!

Consumer youth website

If you're all cashed up or looking to make some cold hard cash, take a look at this website. It's got info on managing your money, a budget calculator, buying a car and lots more. Visit this site before you make a splash with your cash!

Act now

Get empowered to make a social, political, lifestyle or environmental change. You can act on any issue you like. Visit this site and make a difference.



Learner platesDriving

Geared - How to get your licence and keep it.

Free2go - Find out stuff about cars, bikes, and scooters.

Go green

National Parks and Wildlife Service - From the wilderness to marine parks, you can search the wildlife atlas, identify threatened species, learn about native plants and animals, bush fire management and Aboriginal culture.
Save our planet
- Great links to inspire great actions.
Planet ark
  - Daily guide to news about the planet

Youth voice

YAPA  -Stories about youth activism, leadership and campaigns
The source
- Find out about the Australian Youth Forum, get involved in the arts, sport and culture.
UNICEF voices of youth -
Do you know your rights? Visit this site to find out how to take action.


My future  - Top info about how to get a job, using all the latest tips and techniques. 
Understanding money -
Make the most of your hard earned cash, visit  this site to find out how
Student life
  - Get to know about being cashed up, and how to sort stuff out.

Introduce your parents to the web

If your parents think ‘the web' is what a spider makes, maybe its time you took them through the basics.

Click - A technology guide for parents
Welcome to the internet -
Dave takes you through the basics of the internet
Internet 101 -
Enough info to understand an have fun using the net 

Public transport

131500.com.au -Transport info line for trains, ferries, buses
City Rail info
-  City and metropolitan train timetables
Country Transport
- Select from over 470 towns
Accessible transport
- Local and community, taxi scheme, and train stations


DET Arts Unit – express yourself! Get involved in everything from debating to performance and visual arts.
- discover your talents in open program holiday and part-time courses.
NAISDA Dance College
– find out when to audition. It's free!
Australian Theatre for Young People
– fire up your imagination and confidence at holiday drama workshops.


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