Here's a bunch of random sites you're bound to love! Check out the latest music festivals and events, listen to unearthed talent at Triple J or live music on the Moshcam, check new video games and cheat codes or contribute art, writing and photography.

Student Edge

Sign up to Student Edge (its free!) to get heaps of discounts on the biggest brands as well as special online offers, email updates, competitions, giveaways and heaps of info about student life, study, courses, events and other cool stuff - written by students for students!

Inthemix Inside dance music, music news and events

Fuzzy Cool music news and details about all the music latest events

Triple J   Listen to unearthed talent, or contribute your own stuff

Heywire  A competition and space to create and share your stories, videos, ideas and opinions

UNICEF voices of youth  Speak out, take action, play games and find out more

Moshcam Live music concert video channel

Student edge video games Reviews of the latest video games and cheat codes.



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