Help when you need it

Does it seem impossible to ‘turn that frown upside down'?  Life can be hard and sometimes it may feel like there is no one to turn to. If something doesn't quite feel right, talk to your friends, family, teachers or the school counsellor. Chances are some of them have been through the exact same thing and will have advice about how you can cope.

cutout people in a circleIf talking to someone you know isn't the right thing for you, there's help available online, at your local GP or over the telephone.

Check out the sites below to help you work through your issues, find out what's really going on inside your head, and most importantly to get help when you need it. is a safe online place for young people aged 10 to 20 years old, living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability, and their siblings. Members can connect and share experiences in the chat room, enter great competitions, and get access to awesome articles and videos, Livewire Music Player - that features all the latest hits, and comment on the blog and in group discussion pages.


The Headspace centre is a place you can go for help. They have counsellors, psychologists, social workers and other health professionals. Visit their site for location information and fact sheets on mental illness, to find out what to expect when you visit the centre, or watch videos of young people talking about their experiences, and a whole lot more.


Reach out


Find stories and info on a range of mental health issues. Use the explore tool to search info based on how you're feeling. Connect on the blog, forums or through the youth participation area.



Lots of info on a variety of issues

Sorting stuff out  - Chin up, it's not all doom and gloom!

Kids Helpline  - Get info or counselling or chat about anything online, by email, or phone.

Youth Beyondblue - Look, listen, talk and seek help for you or someone else, with contacts and info on anxiety, depression, drugs and alcohol, self-harm issues, bullying and eating disorders.

Eating disorders

The Butterfly Foundation  - Help for anyone with eating disorders, and their families and friends by email or phone from 9 to 5 weekdays.

Teen health - Eating disorders uncovered. 


National cannabis prevention & information centre - Nine real stories about cannabis and how it will affect you.

Counselling online  - A 24-hour alcohol and drug counselling online or by phone for you, your friends or family.


These sites have been chosen just for you. But you know how the web is. It's constantly changing, things are here one minute gone the next, and sometimes it's hard to know just how reliable the info really is. So make sure you check the web cred of these sites. 


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