Friend or frenemy - High school

Without family and friends life would a drag. Friends make life interesting and fun and families provide much needed support. But sometimes things don't go to plan, relationships change and things can get ‘nasty'. Explore these sites to find out how to work on your relationships, what a good friend really is and who to turn to when you need to.

The Wood verdict

When the web turns into a frightening place, filled with enemies attacking your every move, it's probably time to visit Tom Wood's Complete Guide to Stopping Cyber-Bullying.Tom is an 18 year old who understands the in's and out's of cyber bullying. Follow his handy hints.


This website has lots of fact sheets about friends, find out what a good friend really is, how you can be a good friend, how to deal with peer pressure and lots more.



Cyber (smart:)

How to relate to friends or unwanted contacts - online and on your mobile

Bullying no way!

Go to the chill out space or ideas box to get the facts or get involved


Lots of facts sheets and info about relationships, including being single, maintaining a relationships, thinking about having sex, meeting new people and more

Centre for young women's health

Understand the different types of relationships, what makes relationships special and ways to communicate to others, fun stories used to illustrate examples.   

These sites have been chosen just for you. But you know how the web is. It's constantly changing, things are here one minute gone the next, and sometimes it's hard to know just how reliable the info really is. So make sure you check the web cred of these sites. 


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