Initial teacher education

We are providing opportunities for aspiring teachers, setting up partnerships between schools and initial teacher providers and profiling our teacher workforce.

Progress update - May 2014

  • Offers for cadetships, internships and teach.Rural scholarships made.
  • School placements for three cadets finalised.
  • Seven interns confirmed and commenced.
  • Fifteen candidates commenced teach.Rural scholarships.
  • Applications for 2015 GTIL cadetships, internships and teach.Rural scholarships now open - to close 3 October 2014.



Teach.Rural scholarships

Applications are now open for the teach.Rural scholarships for 2015. High quality school students about to enter their first year of university study, and who are prepared to teach in schools in rural and remote locations are invited to apply.
The successful applicants will receive $6000 per year of full time study, $5000 on successful completion of their course, and a guarantee of full time employment with the department in a rural and remote location. 

New cadetships

Applications are now open for the new cadetship program for high-achieving final year school students in 2015.

Cadets are employed in a part time capacity, with guarantee of a permanent teaching position on successful completion of their study. In their first year, cadets will support teachers in non-classroom roles, giving teachers more time to focus on core teaching and learning activities. In their second and subsequent years cadets will be supervised closely by teachers as they support all aspects of the teaching role, including in the classroom. 
Apply for a GTIL cadetship

New internships

Applications are now open for internships for high-achieving teacher education students in their final year in 2015.
Interns are employed part time in their final year of study to provide in classroom support under the guidance and supervision of experienced teachers. In addition, interns are guaranteed a permanent teaching position on successful completion of their study.

Strengthening the professional experience 

Working in partnership with universities to strengthen initial teacher education programs, with a focus on improving the quality of professional experience in schools, including supporting experienced teachers in their role as mentors and supervisors to initial teacher education students.

Improving the evidence base for our teaching workforce

Initial reporting will identify critical gaps in data and data quality and contain recommendations for more comprehensive subsequent reports. Over time, a longitudinal picture of the teacher workforce will build up, that will allow us to discern patterns, trends and influences.




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