Entry into the profession

We are strengthening the support for permanent, temporary and casual beginning teachers through improved induction models, mentoring, online professional learning resources and streamlined probation and accreditation processes.

Progress update

  • Eight teacher mentors have been appointed to support new temporary teachers at 38 schools across NSW - in the Liverpool, Fairfield, Holroyd, Warringah, Tamworth, Gunnedah, Wagga Wagga and Bathurst areas.The teacher mentors will begin work at the start of Term 2.
  • Strong start, great teachers – new online resource for school-based induction 
  • New support model - additional resourcing to schools for the support of permanent beginning teachers appointed from 2014, equivalent to release time of two hours per week for the teacher and an extra one hour per week for an experienced teacher to provide mentoring support.
  • Beginning teacher support funding distributed to schools as a single payment. Payments are made throughout the year as appointments are confirmed.

Better support for beginning teachers

The department will increase support for all permanent beginning teachers in their first two years of teaching by resourcing schools to increase release time for beginning teachers to participate in a range of development activities, including formal mentoring from an experienced teaching colleague.

timeline-better support

Streamlined probation and accreditation processes

Proposals to improve current procedures will be negotiated as part of the 2014 Teachers Award. The Department is proposing that the period for teachers to satisfy the proficiency level of the teaching standards will be two years.

The department is proposing that the period for teachers to satisfy requirements for accreditation at the level of Proficient teacher will be extended to two years to enable teachers to better develop their practice against the professional teaching standards and to align with the NSW Institute of Teachers accreditation timeframes.



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Entry into the profession