Develop and maintain professional practice

We recognise the importance of supporting the continuous development of professional practice for teachers and school leaders. This includes strengthening performance and development planning and better supporting the development of principals and aspiring principals.

Progress report

  • The new two-year time period to achieve accreditation commenced at the start of 2014.
  • Revised Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Procedures.
  • Development in progress of policy, procedures, support and training for performance management and development aligned to professional teaching standards.

Strengthened performance management and development processes

timeline - empowering principals

A strengthened process for supporting ongoing school improvement through performance and development planning for principals, executive teachers and teachers is being developed, in alignment with the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework.


Robust education research

Effective practices in teaching and learning provides teachers and school leaders with easy access to research on professional learning and classroom teaching strategies. Educators can be in touch with local and international research that is classified according to its quality, reliability and validity. 

Improving the management of under-performance

Proposals to streamline the current processes for managing teacher under-performance will be negotiated as part of the 2014 Teachers Awards. Principals have the authority to implement the "Fair Warning, Fair Action" process to deal with repeated non-compliance and misconduct.





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