Public discussion was central to the development of the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning reforms.  

Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, released the discussion paper Great Teaching, Inspired Learning on 31 July 2012. Consultation closed on 2 November 2012.

The paper stimulated a serious conversation across schools and the broader education community about the policies and strategies needed to best develop and support quality teaching and learning in NSW schools.

Discussion paper

The discussion paper encouraged people to think carefully about the teaching needed to ensure that future generations of young people leave school able to lead fulfilling and productive the 21st century.


The consultation strategy involved:

  • a three-month consultation period ending on 2 November 2012 to enable individuals and stakeholders time to engage with the issues in the discussion paper and to develop submissions
  • a six-week Have Your Say online consultation forum open from 24 August until 5 October, to encourage broad dialogue on the issues
  • meetings to engage key stakeholder groups convened by the Minister and the authors of the discussion paper.

Consultation report

Read the submissions in response to the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning discussion paper.

Go to the Have Your Say website to view more than 500 comments.


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