Schools - our services

Our schools offer high quality public education  services from preschool through to graduation from high school.

Great Teaching Inspired Learning

Reforms across the whole career cycle of a teacher from initial teacher training and induction for beginning teachers, through to how to best recognise and value experienced teachers and support potential school leaders.

Government preschools

The department operates 100 preschools that are located within public schools. Locate a preschool, find out about eligibility, waiting lists and procedures for enrolment .

Public Schools NSW

Find out about the important steps your child will take in their education with us. We support our students when they start out at preschool and Kindergarten, transition into high school through to the HSC, along with career planning and preparation for leaving school.

Disability support

Support is offered for students with a disability or special need through their education with us from early childhood, transition to school, into high school and beyond.

Cultural exchange programs in school

The aim of the cultural exchange program is for schools to share and learn from school communities different from their own.

VET in schools

Vocational education and training in schools provides accredited industry-specific courses as part of the HSC, school-based apprenticeships and traineeships and more general vocational learning programs.

International students

Education programs for international students, temporary residents and study tours in public schools.

Curriculum resources

Access to teaching and learning resources from primary to secondary school.

Community languages

NSW Community Languages Schools offer classes in 58 different community languages. Find a school, or find about grants and how to start a community language school.


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