Before and After School Care Fund

Grants are available to schools and local councils to establish or expand before and after school care services


The NSW Government created the $20 million Before and After School Care Fund  to help deliver up to 45,000 additional out of school hours care (OSHC) places. NSW schools and local councils may apply for grants under the Fund.


In 2016, under phase 2 of this initiative, schools without an OSHC service and schools with an existing OSHC service that have a need and capacity to expand their service are eligible to apply for a one-off grant of up to $30,000. 

The grants can be used for site modification and fit-out costs, project management (including tendering or regulatory costs), or to pay for necessary equipment to support new or expanded services.

Primary schools that do not presently have an OSHC service are encouraged to consult with their community - for example their P&C Association - to determine whether such a service is required and if it should be established. 

Schools that have an existing service with a demonstrated need to increase the number of approved places are encouraged to investigate the feasibility of expanding the service.

Schools looking to establish a new OHSC service or expand an existing one should refer to NSW OSHC regulations.

The Department's Community Use of School Facilities Policy and its associated implementation procedures, including an online toolkit  provide guidance to principals of government schools on establishing an OSHC service. Principals are advised to contact their local Asset Management unit for support with the process.

To apply for a grant, school principals must complete an online application . The Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 86 KB) will assist in completing the application.

Local councils

Grants may be provided to local councils that have unmet demand for before and after school care. 

Children Services Managers of local councils with a growing demand for OSHC services are encouraged to contact the Department to discuss how the Fund could be used to assist the community.


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For further information about applying for a grant 

Elsa Lat

Leader, Policy Coordination and Review

Telephone: 02 9244 5057


Shane Joseph

Planning and Reporting Coordinator

Telephone: 02 9266 8173


Siobhan Cowell

Project Officer, Before and After School Care Fund

Telephone: 02 9244 5066