We are committed to improving customer service and are implementing a range of initiatives to improve our interactions and relationships.

Excellence in school customer service

Delivering exceptional customer service is a whole-school responsibility and all staff in our schools have a role to play.

To assist staff, the department has developed the Excellence in School Customer Service 360 Reflection Tool (requires login) – a type of survey tool. This initiative will help schools gather feedback on the customer service behaviours exhibited to both internal and external customers.

An intensive communication support program is also available to high schools from across the state.  Schools can nominate to be involved in the program and will work with a key contact from the Schools Communication and Engagement team. Schools are guided through the process of developing a strategic medium to long-term communication and engagement plan. This will help to build a strong internal school culture, which can focus on a strong commitment to quality customer service, and will help strengthen the school's reputation in the community.

High Schools can nominate to be part of the program through consultation with their network director and executive director.

For more information contact Ed Smith, Manager, School Communication and Engagement on 0422 023 074 or

School Leadership Strategy

The School Leadership Strategy brings together actions to identify, develop and support the current and next generation of school leaders in NSW public schools.

The new Leading and Managing a School policy will clearly outline the responsibilities of principals and their key accountabilities for the effective leadership and management of the school, including engaging and working with the community.

Excellence in School Administration strategy

An Excellence in School Administration (ESA) Strategy is currently under development to support School Administrative Support (SAS) staff in all school settings. The strategy has three key components:

  • an Excellence in School Administration Framework that describes the essential attributes of customer relationships and administrative practices at three delivery levels.
  • a suite of online professional learning resources to support the growth of SAS staff in customer relationships and administrative practices as described in the framework.
  • a coaching and mentoring initiative where expert School Administrative Managers (SAMs) are trained as mentors to provide coaching and mentoring support to new and aspiring secondary administrative leaders.

The ESA Strategy and support will be published in 2017 on the Leadership and High Performance intranet.

For more information email

Performance and development procedures for school-based staff

Aligning customer service principles with a performance and development framework (requires login) will improve the quality of experience and service for our customers. The Excellence in School Customer Service Framework sets out staff capabilities.

For more information email

Secondary schools renewal

The Secondary Schools Renewal Project will improve the physical condition of nearly 60 schools, their amenities and how they present to their local community. The improvements aim to increase school/street activity by making facades and entrances more attractive, improving way-finding, and raising the visibility of education in the community. This will make our schools more welcoming for visitors.

Global Experience Framework

We're changing the way we deliver information online – taking a customer focus and leading the way in government digital transformation.We are making things simpler, faster and easier to use. Over 150 departmental websites will be transitioned to a new technology platform with one visual identity that is being developed based on customer need.

School Website Service redevelopment

This major redevelopment will improve the websites of the 2,045 schools using it to enable more effective engagement with parents and the community. It will provide schools with new website tools and increased functionality ensuring parents and the community can access school information on their mobile devices and interact from anywhere.

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One stop shop for education data

This one stop shop for education data promotes ease of access to publicly available education data (such as class size, subject and course enrolment, attendance and retention rates), with appropriate safeguards to protect confidentiality and data integrity. The one stop shop incorporates the NSW Education Datahub, Data Services and the soon to be released new School Finder Tool.

For more information email

Improve complaint handling processes

A customer complaint handling framework is being developed to align with best practice and national standards, and in line with the whole of government approach to customer handling.

The improved policy and procedures will provide both complainants and those responding to complaints with information, clear processes and supporting material to assist complaint handlers.

For more information contact Victoria Myerscough, Director Systems and Practice on 9244 5689 or


EDConnect (requires login) is the department's new integrated shared services directorate, providing support, information and advice for:

  • SAP Finance
  • Business Services
  • Student Management and Wellbeing (SALM)
  • HR
  • Procurement
  • IT.

EDConnect provides one contact for many corporate service enquiries, streamlining services to allow schools and corporate staff to focus on supporting and delivering quality education. The new service delivery model also allows the department to effectively respond to future challenges that include projected student growth, education reforms and market changes.



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