Customer service improvement

We are committed to improving customer service. We aim to design and deliver flexible, innovative and reliable services which meet and exceed your expectations. This commitment is underpinned by our customer service statement.

The NSW Government believes a strong customer-centred approach is essential for delivering the best possible services to the NSW community. This is reinforced through the Premier's Priority 12: Improving Government Services commitment to improving customer satisfaction every year.


We are implementing a range of initiatives to improve customer service. Community engagement and customer service in our schools will be improved through:

  • the Excellence in School Customer Service Framework
  • enhanced school leadership and support
  • performance and development procedures for school-based staff
  • increased support for School Administrative Support (SAS) staff.

Our Secondary Schools Renewal Program will make our schools more welcoming for visitors.

Our online services for students, parents and families will be improved through the Global Experience Framework, the One Stop Shop for Education data and the redevelopment of the School Website Service.

We will work across government to streamline and improve complaint handling processes and we will better support our business customers through our new shared services EDConnect.

Head to our customer service initiatives page to learn more.


We support our staff to build customer satisfaction and ensure that we treat customers with respect. Head to our customer service resources page to learn more about the resources available for our staff.

Measuring improvement

The People Matter Employee Survey, conducted by the NSW Public Service Commission is one measure we use to inform better customer service. It provides a key tool for measuring employee engagement and assists in shaping and crafting departmental people related strategies. The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey is another tool that we use to measure customer service improvements to ensure we are improving the quality of our services.

We also welcome your feedback to improve our services. Head to our complaints, compliments and suggestions page to learn more.


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