Employers and industry

The department offers employers and industry a comprehensive range of services to develop the skills of their workforce and invest in customised training.


All TAFE NSW institutes offer employers a range of services to develop the skills of their workforce and help their businesses grow:

Workforce development - Tailored training programs and resources, and assistance with the design and implementation of a workforce development strategy.

Analysis of training needs - Help to identify the workforce skills required for your business to meet its strategic objectives.

Recognition services - Assessment of your staff's previous study, experience and existing knowledge for full or partial credit towards a nationally-recognised qualification.

Access to funding  - Provide help with identifying and accessing government funding programs for employee training.

Student recruitment - Promote full or part-time positions, casual employment or work placement opportunities to TAFE NSW students or graduates.

State Training Services
provides tailored solutions for your business to invest in training and increase your employees' skills and productivity. 

We help you assess your workforce needs and can develop customised training solutions for you and your workers to make the right decisions about accessing skills training.

Apprenticeships and traineeships - For information and advice on apprenticeships and traineeships, administrative requirements,training, obligations,legal and industrial topics.

Vocational training needs- Identify and realise your business needs and access vocational information and training, and advice on managing your workforce.

Skills recognition - Do your staff have experience in the workplace but no recognised qualification?  State Training Services can get them formally assessed.

Training providers -  If your business wants to become a registered training organisation (RTO) or is an RTO that wants to make a positive impact on NSW skills development, we can help you participate in the NSW training market and access professional development, training resources and other assistance.



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