Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) is the department's dedicated hub of education data, statistics and evaluation.

The Centre undertakes in depth analysis of education programs and outcomes across early childhood, school, training and higher education to inform whole-of-government, evidence based decision making.

The Centre turns data into knowledge, providing information about the effectiveness of different programs and strategies in different contexts – put simply, it seeks to find out what works.

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation has three main responsibilities:

  1. to provide data analysis, information and evaluation that improve effectiveness, efficiency and accountability
  2. to create a one-stop shop for information needs – an access point to the Department's data that has appropriate safeguards to protect data confidentiality and integrity
  3. to build capacity across the whole education sector by developing intelligent tools that make complex data easy to use and understand, and by providing accessible reports so that everyone can make better use of evidence available. 


The Centre publishes reports and other material related to its activities, including statistical bulletins and information on research findings.


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