Tendering for business

To tender for our business, all suppliers need to register on the NSW eTendering website. Additionally, in June 2015, the department implemented a new sourcing system using Ariba Cloud Commerce. All suppliers will also need to register on DoE Ariba.

The supplier engagement overview (pdf 2450 KB) assists existing or potential suppliers to understand the full DoE supplier engagement process:

  • Advertising a public tender on the eTendering website
  • Registering suppliers on eTendering and DoE Ariba
  • Submitting a response
  • Notifying the end of a DoE Ariba tendering event.

Suppliers need to comply with the NSW Procurement Board Policy Framework and the Department's Business Ethics Statement.

The performance of our contracted suppliers is assessed and managed over the life of a contract.

NSW eTendering registration 

Suppliers can register via the NSW eTendering website. To enrol in the system, they must be a registered business and have an Australian business number (ABN). 

Once registered, suppliers will receive notifications for relevant tenders from Government departments, including the NSW Department of Education. These notifications will be based on the preferences provided when registering.

It is recommended that suppliers read the guidelines for tendering and policy which are available on the NSW eTendering website.

Ariba registration

Suppliers can register via DoE Ariba.

The department has created the following videos to assist suppliers with their registration:  

Suppliers who have previously participated in a sourcing event with the department via the Ariba platform are not required to register again. 


For eTendering support contact the Department of Finance and Services on 1800 679 289 or nswbuy@services.nsw.gov.au.

Contact the Ariba Support Helpline on 1800 766 694 for your queries related to this system.


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