Selling directly

Suppliers can sell goods and services to us directly. Suppliers may also establish other arrangements for selling to the department in order to become a preferred supplier.

NSW procurement reforms enable all schools and offices to choose whether or not to purchase goods and services valued below $5,000 (including GST) from a state contract if one exists. 

Some goods and services are excluded from these reforms due to any or all of the reasons detailed in the Mandated contracts list (pdf 235 KB). DoE staff is still required to purchase these mandated items using the relevant state or department contract.

Regardless of the source, achieving best value for money remains paramount for all purchases.

All state contracts can be viewed on the Department of Finance Services and Innovation's ProcurePoint website.

If you are unsure whether a department contract or arrangement exists that would prevent you from supplying to us, please contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 (option 4).

To register for upcoming tenders please visit the NSW eTendering website. Additionally, the Department of Education has implemented a new sourcing system

To participate in DoE tenders, your organisation needs to be registered in the Ariba sourcing cloud.

The department manages an electronic catalogue that is used by schools. There are strict limitations and criteria for the products made available on this catalogue. Please download our Online catalogue criteria for more information.

A list of all NSW schools and their contact details can be found here.


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