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We regularly provide information to the public about what we do, the results we achieve and the challenges we face. Much of this information is available in our annual report.

The information provided here adds to the material we publish regularly. It includes facts and figures on student numbers, assessments, staffing, special education, and information on our infrastructure and budgets. We are continually adding to this information to confirm our commitment to an open and transparent government system.

Strategies and plans

The department's strategies and plans provide a summary of our challenges and priority areas, and details the means by which we aim to meet our goals.

Annual reports

Links to all annual reports for the department.

Statistics and information

Scroll by category, from schools and student welfare to staff, finance and infrastructure.

Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation

The centre is the department's dedicated hub of education data, statistics and evaluation. 

Research partnerships

The department strongly values educational research and engages in major education research projects.

Public reviews and inquiries

These forums are aimed at improving the department's methods of operation and maintaining efficient delivery of services.

Schools asbestos register

The department's schools asbestos register contains information about the existence and location of any known or presumed asbestos-containing materials on school sites, based on advice from experts.

TAFE NSW statistics



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