Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Directorate (Executive Director: Tracy Mackey) leads the implementation of the policy, funding and regulatory framework for early childhood education and care in NSW.

The Directorate administers the Early Childhood Education and Grants program which provides funding for a number of significant programs that are designed to meet the goals of the National Partnership Agreements on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education and the National Quality Agenda, with a focus on improved participation of children from Aboriginal and low income backgrounds.

Initiatives include the Preschool Funding Model, which introduces a needs-based funding system so more children in the year before school access high quality, early childhood education, and the Preschool Disability Support Program to support the inclusion of children with disability in NSW community preschools.

The Directorate regulates approximately 5,000 services across eleven regions in NSW to promote high quality early childhood education and care. For services regulated under the National Quality Framework, this includes a process of quality rating by regional staff against the seven quality areas that make up the National Quality Standards.

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