National policy and funding

External Affairs and Regulation develops and coordinates NSW Government policy on national issues in education and training. 

We negotiate and guide the key agreements and national funding agreements with the Commonwealth that deliver funds for school systems (both government and non-government) and for early childhood in NSW. In funding negotiations, our aim is to achieve the best alignment with NSW Government priorities and optimum outcomes for the State's education system as a whole.

We are responsible for national initiatives, policy development and projects of significance to NSW, and through our leadership of the Schools Policy Group (a part of the COAG education architecture) we lead the development of high-level national strategic policy advice in schooling.

Key responsibilities

  • Negotiate and manage Commonwealth funding, national funding agreements and other national projects across the whole NSW education sector. National funding and project agreements in early childhood and schooling are worth over $19 billion to the state between 2013/14 and 2016/17
  • Manage accountabilities to the Commonwealth for funding initiatives and negotiate funding agreements with the NSW non-government sector
  • Advise the government on commitments made under the National Education Reform Agreement (NERA)
  • Act as a hub for all matters relating to national funding initiatives and projects
  • Manage and advise on NSW participation in official national education forums, including ministerial councils.


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