Early childhood education

External Affairs and Regulation funds community-based preschools and regulates over 5000 children's services across NSW, from large preschool and long day care services to small providers of home-based care or family day care.

Early childhood roles

  • Develop the policy framework to ensure the richest and safest possible experience for children in early childhood services
  • Provide funding (predominantly for preschool provision)
  • Regulate early childhood services: we are responsible for approving and licensing them, ensuring that they meet the quality and safety standards prescribed by the law, and taking action when they don't.

As part of our policy and funding roles, we are responsible for progress towards the targets and actions in the government's State Plan. The key target is to ensure universal access to a preschool program in the 12 months prior to school. 

Our front line regulatory staff operate from a network of regional offices across NSW, regularly visiting early childhood services to ensure they meet nationally-agreed standards.

Responsibility for early childhood work lies with the Early Childhood Education & Care directorate



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