Youth environmental leadership camp

The future of the world is looking up judging by the calibre of students who recently attended South Western Sydney region Youth Environmental Network (YEN) eco-leadership camp.

The camp was held at Wooglemai Environmental Education Centre set in the surroundings of Nattai National Park.

The aim of the camp was to bring together a network of like-minded students passionate about working towards a sustainable planet and to develop leadership skills that will help them on their journey.

Twenty-six students from 11 schools attended the camp and formed the YEN leadership team that was facilitated by teachers in collaboration with not-for-profit group OzGreen.

Workshops dealt with environmental and social issues, the inequality of resources around the world, climate change and how we can all make a difference to improving the state of the planet.

The YEN leaders now plan to meet on a regular basis to discuss ways to work together to a sustainable future.

Many are already in the process of beginning projects in their own schools and communities and getting other people on board to build a wider network of people who want to improve the planet.


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