Young minds tackle an age-old problem

Earlwood Public School students

Earlwood Public School students tackled the age-old issue of mortality when 18 of its students presented at the Young Minds Conference at the Sydney Convention Centre.

In front of a 500-strong audience, the Stage 3 students exhibited the values and ethics that make up part of their 21st century thinking skills.

The team presented an analysis of data based on submissions by all Stage 3 students at the school on the question, Who Wants to Live Forever?

With the help of the Values Exchange (VX) program, developed by David Seedhouse, Professor of Health and Social Ethics at Auckland University of Technology, the students focused on the proposal that all humans should strive for immortality.

With the help of Values Exchange, the students were able to organise their thinking, articulate their thoughts and listen to the ideas of others in regards to the proposal. Issues such as mortality, morality and the concept of time formed the basis of the discussion.

While many would find it daunting to present to an audience of 500 academics and interested participants, the Earlwood Public team found it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the high quality of their thinking.

For 20 minutes, they held the audience spellbound and were greeted at the end by a standing ovation.

"The Values Exchange encourages critical thinking and constructive debate in a safe and secure technology environment. The software platform develops visual literacy and graphic interpretation skills and generates quality public speaking and debating. The depth of conversation is amazing and students approach creative solutions to ethical and social issues with real confidence and purpose" – Kevin Weeks, principal, Earlwood Public School.

Photo: Earlwood Public School students in action.




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