World War 1 Honour Board Rededication Ceremony

The restored World War 1 Honour Board was officially unveiled by His Excellency, the Honourable Lieutenant Governor Thomas Frederick Bathurst AC at the Department of Education's Bridge St office today.

Of the 755 NSW Department of Education teachers and officers listed, 171 names belong to those who died in active duty during World War 1 (1914 – 1919).

The Department has a proud association with the armed forces, with many teachers and department officers serving in conflicts abroad. The School Operations and Performance Division have worked in partnership with the NSW Teachers Sub-branch of The Returned Services League to have the World War 1 Honour Board updated and restored to their original condition.

To mark the importance of the restoration, this official rededication ceremony was held on the week of the 95th anniversary of the first dedication.

The ceremony was live streamed and can be viewed on YouTube 

Dignitaries and the World War 1 Honour Board




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