Visa scheme opens door to TAFE training

International students will now find it easier to take advantage of high quality training through TAFE NSW.

TAFE NSW is one of the high quality vocational education and training providers that can be nominated by international students for a streamlined visa scheme.

It is expected that the new arrangements will swell the ranks of the 230,000 international students currently enrolled in NSW in subjects including business and management, food and hospitality and accounting.

NSW has the largest educational industry in Australia with international education injecting $6 billion into the NSW economy – representing the state's second largest export item.

The visa reforms are expected to reverse a decline in international student enrolments and export earnings that were hit by tightened Commonwealth Government visa requirements in 2009 and the buoyant Australian dollar.

International students selecting TAFE NSW or other identified high quality providers will be treated under the same visa arrangements as if they were seeking university enrolment.

Through the leadership of NSW, the new national agreement for streamlined international student visas was secured through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).

The Commonwealth Government has committed to expedite implementation of the visa scheme so students can begin enrolling later this year.


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