Update on Haberfield Public School safety

This update relates to an incident that occurred on Friday morning at Haberfield Public School.

There was discussion today between the Department of Education and Communities' asset management, regional management and Safety & Security units to assess the situation and provide advice as a matter of priority.

Department staff also met with parents today to update them on the situation, as well as to reassure them that the safety and wellbeing of their children is paramount.

Parents were assured that the school's communications were in line with instructions received from the Police, given the ongoing nature of the investigation into the incident. Nevertheless, community concerns regarding how the school communicated with families were taken on board and the school will immediately review its communications systems.

The school is today sending home a note containing material to assist parents to reinforce safety messages at home.

Counselling will continue to be available at the school for students and staff who wish to avail themselves of it.

A highly-visible security officer is on site at Haberfield Public School.

As is standard procedure when security notifications have been received, staff have been instructed to be especially vigilant, and staff monitoring of children in the playground and during periods of transition will be increased.

The school's existing 'buddy system' is being reviewed.

It has been suggested to parents that their children do not walk to school alone.

Stranger danger messages have been reinforced.


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