Uni break for rural students

A unique partnership between five secondary schools and Charles Sturt University has opened the door for HSC students keen on a career in agriculture to study rural management at university level.

The first nine students to complete An Introduction to Rural Management have come from Canowindra High School, Blayney High School, Molong Central School, Canobolas Rural Technology High School and Orange High School.

Agriculture teacher at Canowindra High School, Owen McLaughlan, took the initiative to develop the subject for HSC students and have it endorsed by the Board of Studies.

"The subject examines thinking styles and skills in management decision-making and how these are applied to simple and complex sustainability issues," Mr McLaughlan said.  "While it does not count towards their ATAR score it has definitely extended their knowledge and understanding of rural land issues.

"The students have been genuinely interested in the course content and relished the opportunity to be more independent in their study.

"The assessments also introduced them to the rigour of university study and academic research, writing and referencing."


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