Tree maintenance at NSW Public Schools

All NSW public schools have been directed to engage qualified arborists as soon as practicable to review the safety condition of trees on school grounds.

All schools are to engage an arborist to review trees that are overhanging school buildings and playgrounds, or any other areas used by students and staff. Based on the arborist reports, the department will work with local councils so that necessary work required for safety reasons may be undertaken.

Priority is to be given to tall trees and gum trees. 

It is anticipated that the reviews will be completed by the end of September 2014.

The cost of any work required for safety reasons will be met by the department without affecting school operating budgets. 

The department will also be conducting a review of existing practices in the management of trees on school properties, based on the advice of tree management and safety experts. This will lead to updated advice and systems for all schools.


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