Targeted teaching information hub

Enhanced, targeted teaching programs and improved student outcomes are expected to flow from the creation of a new information hub within the department.

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE), expected to be operational later this year, will consolidate the responsibility for evaluation, statistics, data analysis and reporting within the Department of Education and Communities.

It will become a central point of educational information, data and evidence.

General manager, planning and innovation, Jenny Donovan, said CESE would provide information about the effectiveness of different programs and strategies in different education contexts.

"Teachers will be able to find out what works, where, and make choices about effective practices, for use in their own classrooms," Dr Donovan said.

"We'll have the capacity to really know what's happening, what's working, what's effective, what's cost effective ... and know how successful are the efforts we're making in schools and other areas in education."

The work by the centre - announced last year by the director-general Dr Michele Bruniges - would be informed by four questions:

  • Where can I find the information I need?
  • What works best for our students?
  • What is most cost effective?
  • What is the evidence-base for our decisions?

Dr Donovan said the establishment of the CESE would not mean an extra workload for schools and TAFE.

"We'll be able to harvest the information we need from the systems that exist," she said.

"If they're national partnership schools, they'll already have been involved in a lot of evaluation activities.

"There will be more of that across schools and it will be an opportunity to share their stories about what is working well."

Part of the centre's mission will be to provide quality evidence to the minister, director-general and to schools.

"CESE is definitely all about improving performance," Dr Donovan said.

"Classroom practitioners need access to information about what works and what's effective."


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