Theatresports - playing for laughs

 "I laughed so much that I fell off my chair ... literally I did!"

These are the words of Muirfield High School drama, entertainment and English teacher, Valerie Miller who coached Muirfield students in the Theatresports Schools Challenge.

Competing in the heats, the semi-final and then the grand final in June, Ms Miller was blown away by the students' creative spirit.

"These students, at their stage of life, just know things," Ms Miller said.

"Their commitment was gigantic ... two lunchtimes a week and after-school rehearsals.

"Although Muirfield has been competing for six years, it's my first time as coach.

"It's all been an unbelievable experience, topped off by coming third in the state in the intermediate division."

Different games Muirfield played on stage included slow-motion commentary, emotional replay and Broadway musical.

They improvised an Amish scene on a farm, people in an elevator, moving home, in a donut shop and many, many more.

"Most scenes were quite elaborate and over the top ... their comic timing was pretty impressive," Ms Miller said.

Student Christian Maltby said it was a great experience and he made "heaps of new friends".

"It was a really enjoyable time and everyone was really supportive and friendly."

Final fever - public schools that made the grand final

Intermediate (years 8 – 10)

  • Muirfield HS (3rd)
  • Sydney Girls HS (5th)
  • Caringbah HS (8th)

Seniors (years 11 + 12)

  • Sydney Secondary College – Blackwattle Campus (3rd)
  • North Sydney Boys HS (4th)
  • Caringbah HS (7th)







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