The School Magazine turns 100

Monday 1 February 2016 marks the 100 year anniversary of The School Magazine which is now read by more than 130 000 students across Australia every month. 

Back in 1916, when the world grappled with the horrors of World War 1, the Department of Education had a ground-breaking idea: to give primary school children their own free high-quality literary magazine. So while hardships relating to the War abounded, Australian children gained something remarkable—escapism, fantasy and adventure through their very own treasured magazines.

Some years down the track, The School Magazine was being published in four different formats to cater to the reading needs of different ages: Countdown for 7–9 year olds, Blast Off for 9–10 year olds, Orbit for children aged 10–11 and Touchdown for those aged 11 years and up.

The School Magazine is the oldest continuously published magazine in Australia. In fact it's the oldest, continuously published literary magazine for children, in the world! This iconic publication reflects the Department's determination to produce high quality learning outcomes for students in our schools.

A commemorative anthology entitled For Keeps will be launched during Education Week later this year. It will be filled with a selection of the best stories, poems and plays published in The School Magazine over the last century.

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