Tale of straw rock solid

Dapto Public School recently scooped a swathe of awards - including first place - in the 2012 J Rock competition with a moving adaptation of a Japanese folk story called A Piece of Straw.

The winning production involved 116 students from years 3-6 supported by a team of dedicated and talented teachers, parents and grandparents.
One of the judges, Andrew Benson, described the performance as "an epic Japanese story that took its time to develop beautifully".

Dapto Public School teacher Jane Nordstrom, who coordinated the school's rehearsals and performance, said: "We're so happy to have won after all the hard work.

"All of the team, including the students, were involved in costume design and making, set design and construction, concept development and choreography. Our school motto is ‘We Work as a Team' and that is exactly what we did to get our production ready for the stage."

Ms Nordstrom said the win was made even sweeter by the fact that the school had won the Wakakirri storytelling festival last year.

"So we were able to follow success with success," she said.

Dapto Public School also won three awards of excellence for performance skill, concept and visual enhancement.
A Piece of Straw was inspired by the Japanese folk story retold by children's author Junko Morimoto.

It is an inspiring tale of how a poor peasant is rewarded, through a series of events, for her selflessness so that she is able to house and feed the poor people of her village. It highlights the important message that if you put kindness and generosity out into the world it comes back to you, sometimes when you least expect it.

The J Rock competition is the junior division of the Rock Eisteddfod and will be televised on Go! shortly. For more information go to: www.rockchallenge.com.au/.


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