TAFE NSW offers more options

Students will be able to study a wider range of tertiary-level courses, including those at bachelor degree level, at TAFE NSW institutes following the expansion of the organisation's higher education activities.

The courses, which will include accounting, finance, animation, IT and early childhood education, will be run by TAFE NSW Higher Education, the new tertiary arm of TAFE NSW.

The NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, said the new entity will expand the study options for people across the state and be of particular benefit to those who are socially or geographically disadvantaged.

Mr Piccoli said TAFE NSW Higher Education will contribute to national targets of increasing the participation of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds in higher education to 20 per cent of undergraduate enrolments by 2020.

"As a long-standing industry leader, TAFE NSW has joined with universities and employers to increase student study choices to deliver job-ready, skilled graduates in high-growth areas," Mr Piccoli said.

"An Access Economics analysis shows there will be more jobs available that need higher-level qualifications by 2025 than those requiring low-level qualifications."

Find out more on the TAFE NSW Higher Education website.


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