TAFE NSW improves international student experience

TAFE NSW initiatives are prominent in the latest round of StudyNSW Partner Projects aimed at improving international students' experiences in NSW.

The international education sector is the state's biggest services export accounting for about $5.7 billion annually in the economy.

StudyNSW was established last year to work with the international education sector to ensure its growth.

Two of the latest Partner Projects are a "buddy support system" initiated by TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute and a "one-stop shop" app and resource to be developed by a team including TAFE NSW – Hunter Institute.

TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute's "buddy support system" will target help for international students at risk of not completing their studies.

From this program they will build a best practice guide to be shared across the international student sector.

Joining with RDA (Regional Development Australia) Hunter and the University of Newcastle, TAFE NSW – Hunter Institute will work to create "one-stop shop" app and resource promoting the Hunter as a study destination for international students.

It will offer up-to-date study, accommodation and lifestyle information in multiple languages. 


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