Supervising teachers awarded

Ten NSW public school teachers have been recognised for their commitment to improving the quality of the next generation of teachers.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) School of Education Annual Awards Evening celebrates supervising teachers who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of UNSW teacher education students.

Teacher education students completing their Professional Experience Placement were asked to nominate supervising teachers to acknowledge the efforts the teachers made to the individual student.

A selection committee assessed each nomination against certain criteria with the top teachers selected to receive the award.

This year's recipients came from across the greater Sydney metropolitan area with student teachers nominating their teacher supervisors for modelling quality teaching, providing support and developing teacher education students' skills, knowledge and experience.

Ryan Emerton, head teacher at Elizabeth Macarthur High School, was nominated by student teacher Troy Ware for providing him with the opportunity and strategies to work and manage more challenging classes.

"At first this seemed a little daunting, yet, by the end of my professional experience, it allowed me to enhance my skill set and confidence in knowing that I can manage and deliver classes at all levels," Troy Ware said in his nomination.

Stella Papanakos from Bossley Park High School was nominated by Ivan Luburic for providing focused feedback on specific areas of lessons.

"She encouraged me to reflect on ways to improve my own teaching practice before offering her own suggestions. In this way she helped me develop my own self-evaluative skills which are crucial in undertaking ongoing professional improvement," Ivan Luburic said.

Ivan Luburic; Stella Papanakos; Cheryl Best, Executive Director, Learning and Business Systems; and Chris Davison, Head of School of Education. Image provided by UNSW.

The awards support the focus of the new Professional Experience Agreements signed by the department with 12 universities and 5 other initial teacher education providers to work in partnership with schools to provide a consistent, coordinated quality professional experience for teacher education students.

Professional experience is a critical aspect of initial teacher education, exposing future teachers to a range of challenges and the diversity of students in classrooms.

The agreements allow for increased opportunities to build professional learning communities. They also help link teachers who have relevant professional learning experience and knowledge of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers with teacher education students.

The Professional Experience Agreements are part of the NSW Government's Great Teaching Inspired Learning reforms to raise the quality of teaching at every stage of the career cycle.

The public school recipients of the UNSW awards for outstanding supervising teachers in 2015 are:

Supervising Teacher


Student Nominator

Kathryn Morgan

Liverpool Girls High School

Gabrielle Maait

Sonya Chahine

Punchbowl Boys High School

Aspasia Zakos

Ryan Emerton

Elizabeth Macarthur High School

Troy Ware

Aine De Paor

South Sydney High School

Rubee McManus

Jane Gray

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

Alison Munro

Tracey Moore

Northlakes High School

Chelsea Fraumeni

Simone Cremer

Ingleburn High School

Owen Whittaker

Stella Papanakos

Bossley Park High School

Ivan Luburic

Melissa Sainty

South Sydney High School

Stephanie Livera

Don Szallasi

South Sydney High School

Samantha Hallal

Read more about the awards evening on the UNSW website.



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