Summer school holiday camps

Families looking for an affordable, fun and healthy school holiday activity have been invited to consider Sport and Recreation camps.

The centres use adventurous outdoor activities – like rock climbing, kayaking and archery – to help children to develop independence and self-esteem.

The Minister for Sport and Recreation, Graham Annesley, said it is too easy for children to spend their school holidays glued to the TV or their computer, and the centres offer the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends in a healthy outdoor environment.

"With 11 different Sport and Recreation centres located across NSW, there is plenty to choose from including an outback getaway," Mr Annesley said.

The Kids' Camp packages are for children aged from seven to 16 and include accommodation, nutritious meals, 24-hour supervision and all activities.

Family holiday packages are available for groups of 20 up to 500.

The government-run facilities offer both daytime and overnight school holiday programs for kids and families as well as community groups.

School holiday programs run between 21 December and 25 January. Find out more information on the Sport and Recreation website or phone 13 13 02.


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