Statement on standards-based pay

11 July 2016

The NSW Teachers Federation assertion in recent media reports that women on maternity leave are disadvantaged by standards based pay is unfounded.

As at the end of 2015, only four teachers had taken the full five years as maternity leave. Under the new arrangement, these teachers could maintain their accreditation and associated level of pay by completing some casual work and undertaking professional development.

The new Award, bringing the NSW teaching profession in line with national standards, was negotiated with, and agreed to, by the NSW Teachers Federation in 2014. It represents a shift from the previous time served approach.

The Department's new salary structure for teachers commenced from the beginning of 2016.

The Department has generous maternity leave entitlements, while encouraging a teacher to maintain connectivity with their profession through right of return and part time work.

In order to practice, teachers, like other professionals, need to maintain accreditation. 


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