State Dance Festival

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Using dance to spread their messages of positive body image, resilience and overcoming adversity, more than 1500 public school students performed as part of the 2015 NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival.

The festival—entitled Moments of Resonance—has been an important part of the public schools' performance calendar for more than 30 years and showcases the talents of students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Students from rural and remote schools were also involved, receiving financial assistance to perform through the department's Rural and Remote Education Blueprint for Action.

During a week of performances at The Seymour Centre, mesmerised audiences were introduced to the range of different dance styles taught in public schools. From ballet to hip-hop, students hit the stage in captivating costumes which included carousel horses, feathered birds, autumn leaves and roaring ‘20s fashion to help tell their story.

State Dance Festival

Photo by Andrew Lasky.


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