Stars for a moment

Students get ready to put on a fabulous show.

Thousands of public school students will take part in the biggest variety show in the Hunter Central Coast in this year's Star Struck production.

According to Newcastle regional arts officer and Star Struck director Lyn Cook, the theme, Capture the Moment, is all about moments in life that make an impression.

"I hope this year's show will make a connection with everyone in the audience - they will be able to relate to some moment in their life," Ms Cook said.

She said the first half of the show would examine real-life experiences such as the first day of school and memories from a holiday while the second half would have moments about escaping from reality.

"However, the most important part of the show is when members of the audience witness a child turn into a star," Ms Cook said.  "This is really what Star Struck is all about - the moment the students walk out on to the stage, perform and then receive the applause."

Among the featured artists and ensembles were a rising opera star, a pas de deux, dance ensembles and the Star Struck orchestra.

"We're expecting a sell-out show and our students are all very excited and well prepared to give their best," Ms Cook said.

The show involved more than 3500 Kindergarten to Year 12 students from Hunter Central Coast government schools, she said.

The three-hour production would be performed four times over three days from June 16 to 18.

Photo: Students get ready to put on a fabulous show. Photo by Lyn Cook.


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